3D Rendering Service Process and Pricing

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pistons 3d render

Our render service is much differs from regular process of taking product photos. First of all because we use virtual photo studio, second, we don’t have the product physically.

So how we are working?

Here are the main two steps to make 3D product rendering:

1. You send us photos of your product or just similar product, and then we discuss your requirements, term and prices. As more we get information about product as better will be the final product images. So all photos from manufacturer, product photos taken by phone or tablet, dimensions, description, etc. are very helpful for us.

2. We are doing 3D model of your product and then renders (realistic images) which you can request in the step above.

We can do renders on the white background or some other color background as well as in 3D environment or superimpose your product in a stock photos. You can see examples on our portfolio and gallery.

As you may already know, 3D renderings are more advanced than regular photos so you can customize product pictures as think will work best for your business, so lighting, hard angle views, sections views, exploded views, zoomed parts are not a problem!

Our final images are ready to use on Amazon listing, web sites, web advertisements, printing advertisements and more other for your request.

Also should be mentioned, we don’t do all kind of fabrics products (shoes, cloth, bags, etc.).

As for pricing, first of all you’re paying for the 3D model, this is the main part of design, when the 3D model is ready you’re paying for images.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and request price for our rendering service, it is free!

Ask us if you have any questions or leave comment in a form below.

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  1. anonymous  —  February 21, 2018 at 15:50

    I need to discuss about creating 3D rendered photos / images , in line with Amazon TOS…I also need some images with infographics.. I think I will need a custom quote, But need to get some options from you first

    My product is a high end luxurious gift item, and needs to also have packaging next to the product in few images, I will also need some lifestyle images, and some images showing it in use or in some nice background setting etc.

    Could you please let me know what you will need from me to do this assignment? Do I need to send the products to you? How will you get the photos?
    Please let me know the details, and also some examples if you have done images for high end gift items



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