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Your Ultimate Partner for Custom Design Solutions

At Dandify Design Studio, we are more than just a product design studio. We are your creative partners, committed to transforming your vision into reality with precision and style. Our team’s expertise spans a diverse range of design services, including realistic product 3D renderings, logo and branding, 3D video, packaging, label design, and design for manufacturing. As your comprehensive design solution, we take pride in delivering quality outcomes that propel you towards your objectives.



We aim to create functional designs that meet our clients’ practical needs and inspire and evoke emotion. We strive to push the limits of creativity and innovation, delivering bespoke solutions that resonate with audiences where every aspect of the design serves a specific purpose.



Our goal at Dandify Design is to lead in changing how individuals engage with their environment via practical design solutions. We see a future where our creative solutions not only enhance aesthetics and foster sustainability and inclusivity but have a function streamlining tasks, reducing complexity, and optimizing performance, making everyday interactions smoother and more efficient.


Where Engineering Precision Meets Design Elegance

Founded in 2015 by design engineer Roman Gam, Dandify was born from a desire to blend the allure of design aesthetics with the precision of engineering. With a background in engineering, a passion for graphic design, and experience gained at the design centers of Boeing and Airbus, Roman’s unique perspective infuses every project that enters our studio. This exceptional fusion of technical prowess and artistic vision is the cornerstone of our approach, setting us apart and piquing the curiosity of our clients. From initial sketches and graphic design to 3D visualizations and manufacturing design, Dandify approaches each task with finesse and originality, a testament to our founder’s singular vision.

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Personalized Design Journeys

At Dandify, collaboration is not just a buzzword — it’s the essence of our process. We welcome our clients as partners, valuing their input and seamlessly integrating it into the design journey. Through open communication with designers and a spirit of mutual respect, Dandify ensures that the final product mirrors the client’s vision and exceeds their expectations.

This collaborative approach makes our clients feel integral to the process, making their dreams a reality and fostering a sense of shared achievement.

But it’s not just the end product that distinguishes Dandify; it’s the journey of working with the studio from start to finish. From the initial consultation to the final unveiling, clients are not just clients; they are individuals with unique needs and visions.

We customize our approach to each client, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience that leaves them feeling heard, valued, and completely satisfied. This personalized touch makes our clients feel special and catered to, enhancing their overall experience with Dandify.

Our Team

roman 3D designer
Founder, owner
3D designer jarik
Team lead, 3D designer
3D Designer, VFX
2D Designer, logo, packaging and branding
Video director, VFX
2D Designer, infographics, web
olga 2D designer
2D designer, logo, infographics

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