Boost Sales by Quality Product Images

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playboy products rendersOnline marketplace is fast growing nowadays. More and more products selling and buying online and more and more customers start doing this from their smartphones.

If you are selling online, you will have a big challenge to attract clients and to stay them on your web page as there are so many similar business online. As known fact average visitors spend around 30 seconds on each page. High quality product images is the best way to catch the eye of customers as the first impression is very important.

Product images has direct correlation between product quality, your reputation in the marketplace, experience and quality of your service. It is very simply, the better images of your product the better success in your business. This is not just a theory but a research developed by eBay.

They found that product listing with high quality images have 5% more sales than those without them. Furthermore, additional professional product images adding 2% more. So if we compare listing with 1 amateur image and listing with 6 professional product images, the listing wit professional pictures will sell 15% more!

It’s time to start designing high quality pictures of your products.
There are two ways to get professional images:

  1. Hire professional photographer and rent studio.
  2. Create 3D photo-realistic renders.

They all have advantages and disadvantages. But we will talk about this next time.

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