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08 Dec

Product Photos For E-commerce

Known fact that quality of product customers are judging by the quality of graphic content on web site, advertisement, product listing, etc. As more attractive, eye catching and eye friendly eCommerce content as more visitors will be enjoyed and will purchase a product or service. The main part of graphic content is a beautiful, high quality product photography.

But not only high quality and high resolution will make product images attractive and beautiful. There are a lot of different aspects that influence on product images, such as position of the product, lighting, environment, position of the camera and angle of view, etc.

I should mention that product position and camera angle of view is the main part that should be considered on the product photo. They should be organized to show all product features, shapes and geometry in the best way, especially on the main product photos, which customers will see first. That means that people could get from the photo all main information, so they will know what is the product, purpose and how to use it.

Lighting and environment is the second features that should be pay attention on. They should be set in a way emphasizing product shape and geometry and not to hide details and features. So customers will see materials, finishes and colors of the all parts.


As following from the descriptions above, product image should show product geometry and shape, materials and finishes, colors.

After all mentioned are set in a good manner, then deal with quality of the photo. There are a lot of different techniques to create quality product photos. Product photography is the common way to create product photos instead, product 3d rendering is unknown for mass market. But 3D renders have huge advantages over traditional photography, which you can explore in our previous article.

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20 Nov

How to create attractive product images utilizing 3D rendering service

Product renders gives great opportunity to create attractive and standout visualizations for your graphic content. This is a powerful solution for enhancing business income not depended on type of marketing you do, as 3D realistic visualizations will magnify customers, make your product more attractive over competitors.

First of all create short list of product description, functionality and field of use. If you are decided to bring new product on the marked you may already did some similar products research so you know what is differ your product over competitors, unique characteristics, functions etc.  So create list of this advantages. Together product description, field of use, benefits, advantages list will give your ideas how to represent the product, what kind of visualization you need and how to showcase the product so your customers will know maximum information about it.

Ask 3D rendering company how they think to showcase your product for better explanation and showcase all the benefits, as they may have experience in this kind of product visualization and could recommend good variations for product representation in the market.

Also read our article about right ordering product renderings, this will move design faster, save your time and gives better results for product photos.

After discussion with designers probably something will change in your product photos requirements in better way to get outstanding product visualizations.

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04 Nov

How to Order Product Images Using 3D Rendering Service

It is very important to create right requirements in everything you do.

This concerns when you going to order rendering service for your product visualizations. As your requirements will guide 3d designer during all his rendering process, you know, the better income information the better outcome.

First of all create short list of the main requirements as for product images you’d like to visualize using your text redactor. As you may already know 3D product visualization services are more advanced than product photography, so include everything you think will showcase your product best. The next step will be extending your requirements list, include every detail you’d like to be showed on the renderings. Add similar product photos, links to the similar design, add description on details you’d like to change, remove or improve.

The next step will be detailing per each image. Describe what you need to show on each render, include example picture showing position and angle of view, include information about background, light shadows etc.

And remember, be short and specific, use additional graphic tools to emphasis details on the images if possible, create hand-made sketches or drawings where you think they needed.

All this simple rules will save your time, push design faster and you’ll get high quality unique product renderings.

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