How to Order Product Images Using 3D Rendering Service

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It is very important to create right requirements in everything you do.

This concerns when you going to order rendering service for your product visualizations. As your requirements will guide 3d designer during all his rendering process, you know, the better income information the better outcome.

First of all create short list of the main requirements as for product images you’d like to visualize using your text redactor. As you may already know 3D product visualization services are more advanced than product photography, so include everything you think will showcase your product best. The next step will be extending your requirements list, include every detail you’d like to be showed on the renderings. Add similar product photos, links to the similar design, add description on details you’d like to change, remove or improve.

The next step will be detailing per each image. Describe what you need to show on each render, include example picture showing position and angle of view, include information about background, light shadows etc.

And remember, be short and specific, use additional graphic tools to emphasis details on the images if possible, create hand-made sketches or drawings where you think they needed.

All this simple rules will save your time, push design faster and you’ll get high quality unique product renderings.


  1. lsandhya  —  December 26, 2016 at 11:22

    You made this site is awesome, It’s very interesting one and also you giving us such a good information on this topics. They very useful and very help us. I am very satisfied with your site and thoughts they amazing. Thanks for sharing the best posts they very nice

    • Admin  —  December 26, 2016 at 11:42

      Thank you Isandhya!
      Contact us if you are interested in product realistic rendering.


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