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Traditional product photography services are good way to create graphic content for marketing. But computers technology is rapidly growing in XXI century. This gives more power to product rendering services pushing out professional photography, as rendering become more realistic, quicker and cost effective.
3D product rendering is very similar to product photography, just one difference is in the way doing this:
– Photographers use studio, photo equipment, light equipment, light boxes and of course product itself.
– 3D designers use virtual studio, virtual photo equipment, virtual lightning, virtual products materials and product 3D model. Both of them can adjust their equipment, lightning, scene etc. to get better product images results. But only 3D designer can adjust product geometry, materials, finishes etc.
This is very important advantage of the renderings, as the product could be very small or may include some very small defects, scratches dust not visible for human eye but visible on zoomed product photos.
All this things can be adjusted on the 3D product model or virtual materials.

Also sometimes marketing material require different product material and color variations, in most these cases product photographer should take a photo of real new product for each photo, in this case the positions, lighting, shadows could differs which is not looking nice for example on the product web site. But for 3D rendering service this is much easier as the designer can change only materials properties and as the result all product photos are identical just colors are differs and when the customer choosing between product variations everything changing plain and nice on a product web page!

Other advantage has 3D product rendering service – easy product section views, exploded views for use in product manuals, descriptions and overviews.

Please visit our service gallery to see examples of rendered product images.

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  1. 3d rendering company  —  January 5, 2017 at 08:55

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    • Admin  —  January 5, 2017 at 10:00

      Thanks! We are trying to give useful information for our customers, so they can create right order and get realistic 3D product renders.


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