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3D Rendered Images of Bottles

Our 3D designers had a task to create computer-generated images for the bottle. The Coriff brand strives to make saving the planet from single-use products the fashionable, enjoyable, and comfortable choice. They focus on designing and developing reusable products to help save the planet and look great.

The Coriff bottle is a cute girl’s bottle with a heart-shaped Lid. It is made of stainless steel and has triple wall insulation, used as a portable bottle on the go for school, gym, yoga, and travel. For this reason, we used bright feminine colors for the backgrounds of the 3D images.

CGI image Bottle Pink
Coriff Bottle main 3D image

Images Design for Amazon Listing

Our studio created a complete set of images for the Amazon store.
This includes 3D images of the bottle and additional graphics:

  • Amazon main photo with product and packaging
  • Details image with close-ups
  • Image with product dimensions
  • 2 infographic images with product details and benefits
  • 2 lifestyle images showing the product in use in natural environments.

Also, in addition to this, we create 3D rendering images and make some text edits to packaging.

amazon 3D render service
Amazon 3D rendering product images
Coriff Bottle infographics
3D render Bottle Infographics
Coriff Bottle Lifestyle Image
Lifestyle Image Coriff Bottle

3D Renders for Foldable Bottle

We received another request for images design for the Amazon listing. It was a collapsible silicon water bottle. As usual, we used our 3D rendering service to create realistic product photos. The challenging part was creating a 3D model for the silicone part, which is flexible and has an irregular shape in terms of geometry. This kind of design requires additional skills for flexible material simulation. As a result, we created two 3D models. One is for unfolded other is for the folded bottle.
While we had all the 3D models, we could create the requested images by the client.

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Silicone bottle 3D render

Attractive 3D Renderings for eCommerce

Computer-generated images (CGI) allow us to create spotless and sharp product images. There are a lot of advantages to this approach to image creation. There are no limits in photo settings and natural artifacts, as scratches, bumps, and dust do not influence the result. Also, there are many more possibilities and abilities to create more complex images, including complex views, light and studio settings, etc.

As an example of this project, you can see all the benefits and beauty of product photos.

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3D Photo Foldable bottle
bottle image lifestyle
Silicone bottle 3D lifestyle

Bottle Promo Video

A part of this task was video creation for product promotion on Amazon.
Same as for images, we used 3D rendered video and stock video footage. In addition, we used infographics visuals to show product features and benefits which were missing on the images. Same with the product overview, it is hard to show all angles and sides of the product in the pictures. With the video, clients can see the product all around and get more information about the product features and details. With the combination and composition of visual effects, the client received the bottle promo video ready for use on eCommerce.

Also, this kind of promotional videos attracts customers as they are happier to see and get product information from the movie.

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