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Client: Mint Sugar Candle Company


We designed logo and brand colors, labels, and packagings for a candle company in this project. Also, we created product 3D renderings used as photos on selling platforms like Amazon, etc.

Our client needed graphics for a candle company. They are looking for designers who have the skill and style to make their perfect product come to life! The brand is a women empowerment company that sells all-natural soy candles. They are in the process of rebranding completely.

Client’s requirements for a design agency:

  • Effective brand strategies
  • Knowledge of photoshop & other programs related to graphic design
  • At least five years of experience in graphic design/product packaging/branding
Mint Sugar logo presentation

Logo Design

Our client decided to go with the linear logo style. Here was designed a few versions with different color pallets. Preferred was the first variation with colors last variation.

Mint Sugar logo presentation
Mint Sugar logo presentation

Detailed project requirements:

  • create a template in photoshop with the design to be able to print it
  • the design should have good quality for printing
  • use manufacturers template for printing as a guide
  • provide with 3D design Box Ideas.
Box designs

Packagings and Labels Design

The client requested a feminine, chic design style. Pink, gold, and black are their company colors. The design should be elegant, represents the brand in a clean and simple design.

During this project, we created a few designs for boxes and labels. The candles were used mainly for presents, so there were a few purposes for the design, making it funny and cute. So decided to use for this birthday circumstances:

  • Present for best friend
  • Funny present
  • Present for kids
Candle box 3D render

3D Renderings and Lifestyle Images

The final part of this project was the generation of images of the products for Amazon and other stores.

We created product 3D renderings and used them to combine with stock photos in a realistic manner.

For the images with the confetti inside the candle, we used 3D simulation to get realistic results.

Also, we created infographics to tell customers about product features and benefits.

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