Why product realistic renders better than professional photos?

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If you are online seller on Amazon, Ebay or you have online shop, or you are on the development stage of your startup, or you are creating fundraising campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo you have a challenge to create nice product photos to attract buyers, customers and investors. You should use quality product pictures to call “click to action button”.

As known fact 83% of human learning by visual  and 93% of people say that visual content has the most impact on their decision. So graphics you are using are very important, images, photos, illustrations, animations you are using in your business should have highest quality to impress your customers.

Hire professional photographer is a good way to get product photos, as they have photo studios and professional equipment which help them to take quality photos. Also they do photo enhancement after the session as the photos will be very high resolution and product can have dust on it, micro scratches, oils, fingerprints, some manufacturing  shortcomings etc. And this all will be visible!

But the other fast growing way to get product images is to use 3D product rendering service. What does that mean? That means that your product photos will be created from virtual 3D product model. In the first stage a 3D model of your product based on dimensions, geometry, shape, etc.
will be created.  After the model is ready virtual materials will be applied to it and renders will be created which are hard to distinguish from real photos.

Let’s say, your product images will be taken in the ideal virtual photo studio so no dust, fingerprints, scratches etc. In addition the product shape, geometry, colors will be like a template.

So can get ideally realistic product images.

In addition to this advantages product 3D renders can be made from low-quality product photos, it is possible to make many different product colors, positions and variations. Also 3D renders could be created from drawings, 3D CAD models before the physical product will be ready!

As you can see product 3D visualization has many advantages which will push your business up faster and with minimum efforts from your side!

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