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3D Rendering of Product Packaging Service

We offer 3D rendering packaging services for different niches. Our company creates the top quality 3D packaging renders as we know that designing packaging in a corporate style is essential regardless of what type of commerce a business prefers.

For e-commerce, beautiful and stylish packaging will help stand out from the dozens of other products the buyer is browsing. If a company supplies products to retail outlets, branded original packaging guarantees they stay on the shelves next to similar products. 3D rendering packaging allows you to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively create a model that will support your brand identity and easily capture the consumer’s attention.

3d packaging rendering

Why Need 3D Render of Packaging?

Creating a wrapper that will 100% fulfill its tasks of protecting products from damage while attracting the consumer’s attention is a laborious and responsible process. The packaging seems insignificant compared to the product, but the company can benefit from sales growth by making the right decision. To avoid increasing the overhead of repackaging for an entire batch of goods in case of uninviting cover, consider the following advantages of 3D packaging rendering compared to the traditional approach.

1. Attracting the Target Audience

Depending on the packaging, the same product may attract different target groups of consumers. Exploring the winning options and repackaging is an important part of an effective marketing strategy. The cover gives rise to a bunch of associations in the imagination of consumers. Often, the packaging stimulates a desire to get to know the product better or refuse it. By presenting a packaging 3D model and allowing it to be rotated and viewed from all angles, companies can make the most effective use of association chains to gain customer liking.

packaging 3d rendering

2. Strengthening Competitiveness

The answer to whether it is worth switching to 3D visualization of your products and packaging material will soon be self-evident. More companies use 3D package rendering when presenting their products. As a result, the more old-fashioned and unattractive ordinary photos will become. But while this has yet to become a general trend, there is an opportunity to use this competitive advantage in digital commerce to increase conversion. When choosing between several goods of approximately the same class, the consumer will choose the one that looks visually more attractive.

3. Pre-release Marketing

You can start advertising your products on social networks or any other Internet resources at the stage of manufacturing products or even before that. Thanks to finished 3D rendering packages, a brand can stir up the interest of potential consumers in their products and measure the response. If the reaction is weak, it will be possible to change the packaging over time and increase customer interest thanks to a different design.

3d rendering packages
package 3d model

4. Acceleration of the Packaging Development Process

Computer 3D packaging visualization is an incredibly exciting and quickly implemented process. What would take days for designers using traditional methods can be done in a couple of hours with 3D rendering. This means that the customer can set more complex tasks for render artists without fear that they will not fit in the deadlines for the project. If earlier, you chose the final packaging model from 3 to 4 options, now, you can easily be offered a dozen alternatives for consideration. And even these 10 would be done faster than 3–4 were done before.

5. Lower Cost of 3D Render

To create even the most excellent and attractive packaging, a render artist does not need a lot of information from the customer:

  • If you already have your ready-made packaging, take a few amateur photos and send them to us. The perfection of package 3D model visualization will make the final image much more impressive than the work of the most expensive photographers.
  • If you only have ideas and wishes, that’s even better. We will render 3D packaging model from scratch with several options, not being limited by anything other than your initial conditions. This option will be much cheaper than designing packaging in traditional ways or producing it and photographing the result in the studio.
3d packaging models

6. Ease of Visualization

3D model packaging is needed for consumers and brand designers who decide to launch packaging into production. The ideas born in their head may look different from those in fantasy when embodied in reality. By creating realistic 3D render packaging, designers will immediately see how effective or banal their ideas are and whether something should be added to the packaging design or, on the contrary, taken away from it.

7. Attention to Detail

3D rendering of any product, including packaging, allows consumers to study minor details quickly. Photography cannot allow this as the clarity of detail is limited by the level of resolution. Computer rendering has no such problems. You can easily enlarge the necessary fragment of the image to the one necessary for ease of perception and see all the smallest nuances. This is especially important for 3D model food packaging that provides consumers with some text, for example, the product’s composition, how to use and store it, and so on.

8. Color Variations

The same packaging will look different when using a wide range of colors. Packaging model 3D allows you to evaluate the use of any color without printing costs. You can also easily combine colors or change some, leaving the rest intact.

render 3d packaging
3d model packaging

9. Consistent Lighting

Setting the right light and camera position when shooting is challenging and requires high qualification of the photographer during a photo shoot in the studio. Packaging 3D rendering helps to not only extremely simplify this process while improving the quality of the image but also easily vary the conditions of shooting. For example, don’t you like the shadow on the image or the angle from which the consumer will view the packaging? With 3D renders, these conditions are easily changed, and you get the perfect option!

10. Improving the Image of the Company in the Eyes of Consumers

The use of the latest technologies and concepts always raises the brand’s credibility in the perception of consumers. This is a sign that the company is at the forefront of progress and is ready to change and invest in promising developments. This impression subconsciously influences the formation of expectations regarding the company’s products. Looking at the modern technique of presenting 3D packaging models, the consumer has not doubt that the most advanced technologies were used in the manufacture of products as well.

3d render of spray bottle

How to Create High-Quality Photo-Realistic 3D Render of Package

We providing comprehensive 3D visualization services to its clients for more than 8 years. Thousands of unique, realistic, and highly artistic projects we brought to life in the following areas:

  • Creating hyperrealistic product images and videos;
  • Development and updating logos and packaging materials;
  • Comprehensive branding for e-commerce start-ups from scratch;
  • Incorporating 3D images of a product, packaging, or brand into a realistic background environment that allows illustrating the purpose of products in everyday life;
  • Adaptation of product images for presentation on the Amazon service;
  • Industrial design with the most accurate engineering drawings;

Creating unique 3D packaging renders to increase conversion is one of the priorities of our studio. Packaging is the face of the product, and the more original and thoughtful it is, the easier it will be to reflect the essence of the product inside. Considering the customer’s wishes, working on a project includes 3 stages.

3D render jar cream
hemp jar 3d render

1. Discussion of Project’s Details

By contacting us, the customer receives a full consultation on the advantages and possibilities of different types of 3D renderings. Having stopped the choice of the form of presentation of the package, we can proceed to a discussion of the order’s details. Here it is necessary to clarify both organizational and substantive aspects. 

  • Organizational issues include the timing of projects, the number of packaging models, color variations, and so on. We also need to know how much you want to control the work progress if you have your in-house designer. 
  • Informative moments relate to acquaintance with your products, wishes regarding the packaging, and vision of the final product. We also find out the target audience for which the product is designed and the platforms for promoting and selling the goods.
packaging 3D lifestyle

2. Discussion of Project’s Details

Working on a 3D model package involves the implementation of many tasks. We approach each of the stages with special care and enthusiasm:

  • Studying all the information provided and previous packaging options for the goods;
  • Choosing the type of 3D modeling for building ideal geometric shapes;
  • Developing a storyboard and determining the general atmosphere of the modeled image;
  • Drawing the initial rough packaging of the product to place all objects and set their boundaries;
  • Creation of packaging sketches;
  • Working with different textures and colors to get the most harmonious combination;
  • Setting the light and choosing the camera position for the best possible presentation of the product packaging 3D model;
  • Creating multiple renders to eliminate possible bugs;
  • Image post-processing to add additional details that will make the picture more realistic;
  • Playing with various photo filters to achieve more attractive packaging;
  • Final rendering of the high-res packaging to be sent to the client.
group image 3D
Bottle lifestyle render

3. Final 3D Renders and Adjustments

Finished 3D models we are sending to the client for review and modification. Render artists will finalize any comments that arise during the study of the final sketches. They may relate to the selected camera angle, the play of color and shadow, the proposed drawing, and more. We are ready to make any number of edits, but we are sure that many of them will not be needed. Hundreds of clients who contact us repeatedly are the best proof of the quality and high artistic taste of the work performed.
When the final custom 3D mock-up of packaging is agreed upon, we will send all models in the formats used in your company’s work. The project execution time is 3 working days.

3d render of cosmetics stand

Packaging 3D Realistic Visualization

New ways of doing business require new approaches to advertising and product design. Sometimes, companies are forced to conform to the standards of the marketplaces they use in their e-commerce.

An example is Amazon, which only allows images to be posted according to certain criteria. In other cases, it is necessary to adapt to new ways of presentation in connection with the spread and extreme popularization of new pictorial forms. 3D rendering packaging has become such a fresh breeze that it has dramatically increased the quality and possibilities of images. It captivated consumers and the company’s business and spawned a galaxy of talented render artists.

Dandify Design Studio has brought together its best, raising the bar for the visual presentation of even the most mundane products.

Using 3D rendering in packaging modeling saves the business time, money, and effort. It allows the creation of visual products that are highly immersive and capable of attracting and persuading potential customers. We have rich experience in creating exclusive packaging that fits perfectly with your brand identity and makes the product more attractive. New promising technologies can do things that many of us do not even dare to dream of. We are ready to put all the promising possibilities of 3D rendering to the service of your products and create masterpieces from each product and its packaging. And if you need a complete branding package, from logo and label design to 3D model packaging and uniform styling, we are happy to perform the best 3D visualization for you!

pouch 3D rendering

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