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Client: Qtran


Our client an architectural lighting manufacturer and is in the process of launching our first suspended lighting fixture. With that said, they are looking to get some 3D renderings.

The product is a suspended fixture with eight different variations. All of the products have the same frame with different lens options, and all of them will be white and a few custom colors.

We received the product documentation for the suspension kit and for reference and product CAD 3D models, which we used for renderings.

The client requested renderings for each product variation (static images), an animated video for each, rotating with color-changing effects, white and RGB – use blue, green, red, and yellow for RGB. Lastly, they would like to include a phone changing the color temperatures with our app.

We have created the product demo video by the client’s request and shortlist of requirements. The storyboard was created by our designers with tight collaboration with the client. This project takes us 3 weeks.

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