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Product design
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The client requested a design for Hummingbird Feeder. The main part of the design is drawings for a manufacturer.

The main objective is to take our Drawings/Designs of the product and get a prototype physically made. Also, need to create:

  • 3D visualizations
  • The best type of materials to use with options
  • Recommendations to be transferred over to the manufacturer.

Our client has spoken to some manufacturers, and they gave the requirements for the output files listed below:

  • 2D Drawings (PDF preferable) and 3D CAD Files (STP or IGS preferable)
  • Materials and Colors
  • Items Quantity 
  • Surfaces finish 

In the first stage, we created hand sketches to define general shape, standard items, manufacturing methods, and techniques. After discussing with the client, the main design was determined, and we started to create 3D CAD models.

With the help of 3d CAD models, we were able to create the virtual parametric product. The 3D design was in the real scale, which allowed us to generate a documentation base for manufacturing. Also, this gave us a chance to check all items connections; inspect intersections of the parts; provide client and manufacturer first 3d models for a visual check.

The next stage was the 2D drawings and documentation creation ready for manufacturing.

The third stage was for visualization; we have created realistic product 3d renderings. They are used for manufacturing purposes and different marketing needs for early promotions.

Hummingbird Feeder 3d render

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