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Wood Art Product Photos Requirements

Our client requested product photos of wood wall art for Amazon, its Website, and other sales platforms. In addition, they needed high-quality imagery for their listings.

Clients Needs:

  • Looking for experts in creating images for Amazon listings.
  • Required an experienced team that knows what is needed for fantastic imagery in an Amazon listing.
  • Listings will need White background, lifestyle, and infographic images.
  • Whatever else is required to produce high-quality Amazon images.

They preferred to produce the product and send it to us for photography, based on where we live. The client could provide white background photos to edit.

But we were able to start and generate realistic 3D renderings before the actual product was made. So the client was able to create an Amazon listing in the early stage.

Wood Board Product Lifestyle Photo
Product Photography Wood Board

3D Product Photos Design Process

We started with the smallest item. Under 24″ x24″. But the client will have the larger wall art to create images for further into the project.
They estimate to produce at least 20 different Amazon products in this first round. Most will have multiple color options. And some may come in different shapes as well.

Our team created images with the help of our 3D rendering service. Firstly, we made the board 3d model. It is a base for future images. We created the product 3D model based on dimensions and real amateur photos from the manufacturer. Then, our designers used 3D software settings and created the virtual materials, studio, and lighting. So we could make any computer-generated image (render) as in reality. We can move, rotate, bend, cut out, etc., the product and take a photo as it is in our studio. In addition, 3d rendering allows us to create other product photos exactly the same for other product artworks, colors, or sizes.

Images on the Final Touch

Also, we were able to create lifestyle images. For this purpose, we are using stock photos. We just found appropriate photos on stock websites like iStock or Shutterstock. Agreed on them with the client and superimposed wood wall art board renders with proper lighting and positions.

As you may know, people are surfing the internet very fast, and the average visit time is around 30 seconds. For this reason, we added stylish and minimalistic infographics in the final stage. This way, customers can get important information directly from the images. So there is no need to read long product descriptions with features, benefits, and dimensions!

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Product Photos of Wood Board
Product Photos Wood Board

High-quality Product 3D Renders With Ease!

Our client was pleased with the output photos and graphics. The pictures turned out very realistic! As a result, not every viewer can tell they are 3D renders. Also, the significant advantage of this project is the turnaround time. We spent around one week on all the images and additional graphics. Also, the client was thrilled that he didn’t need to bring his product to the photo studio! He was able to start his eCommerce business at an early stage while the actual products shipped to the warehouse.

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