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Our company offers a simple way for product video creation for e-commerce with the help of innovative 3D technologies. Get amazing attractive videos, 3D animations, product demo videos for your product without sending it to us! We are doing videos using 3D software without having your physical product in our hands. Instead, our professionals create hyper-realistic animated videos relying on product photos, manufacturer’s drawings, or CAD files.

Our studio creates unique, innovative videos all over the world. And we can do product video twice faster than our competitors. How? Our efficient video creation process has been developed for seven years and still improving every day together with IT technologies. In addition, we are not waiting for your product delivery, and a simple design process reduces working time. Most 2-3 minute videos can meet deadlines 15 days or less; short videos can take 3-5 days.

Video Creation Process

1. Introduction

In the first step, we focus on communication, understanding the client’s needs, requirements, and desires for the forthcoming movie. Next is about our video production team understanding what clients want to achieve with their video, marketing goals, and the final platform it will be presented with, online or any other commercial platform. Finally, we learn the client’s product, functions, benefits, and properties.

2. Pre-Production

Here is the creative side – the outline for the video production, visual planning, scouting locations, views, positions, script creation, etc. We are doing the foundation of the 3D animation here. This part of the video production process gives you an entire layout in an outline format of how the video will look, graphics, texts, or music score, which is the most active part of the production process. We tightly communicate with the client during this step and accept all comments and requests. So before creating the video, they know how everything will look and be sure that they will get everything they need.

3. Video Production

The main part of the production process is doing the video magic. First, we bring our 3d software and start implementing everything according to the storyboard created in the step above.
We are moving stage by stage here, sharing videography progress with the client, allowing for early check-ins, making adjustments or requests on the fly. The output of this step is almost finished product video ready for the next step.

4. Post Production

As we go into video compiling and editing, we see all the filming and production processes come together into a timeline format. So, editing the 3d animation, adding motion graphics and visual effects, music research, voice-over, implementing last changes requests from clients – are the main tasks here. At the end of this stage, our clients receive polished product videos ready to use on any requested resources.

Adjustments and Corrections

With our videography service, our clients are sure that they are receiving what they have planned. As with our unlimited resources, we can create almost everything that can be imagined, considering clients’ needs, requests for changes, and desires, which we can implement at each step of the design process.

With our company videography service, our clients obtain high-quality videos with the fastest turnaround time on the market, within minimum efforts by competitive price! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need product video, 3d animation, product explainer video, or any other custom animation!

Video Quality

Our company can create any video size and quality, starting with small social media videos up to 10K resolution 60 frames per second or more. There are no limits for video quality, size, and resolution, as we are doing them with the help of 3D software, which means no limits by hardware such as camera resolution, dimensions or lenses properties, etc. Of course, bigger sizes require more machine time, but it is doable. In addition, we are not limited with the optics properties; starting at the micro shot of bacteria size up to macro shots of the universe is not a problem. Everything is adjustable and possible with our videography service.

All Kinds of Videos

Our studio produces different types of videos for various purposes. For example, we can create a simple 360 deg product video and complex videos with cutout views, macro, and micro shots, exploded views, how-to animations, software demo, explaining videos, etc.

Locations and Environments

There are no limits on locations and environments for our videos. With the help of 3D renderings, we can create any simple studio and complex tech environment. Also, any buildings, interiors or exterior, warehouse, laboratory, and natural settings such as forest, sea, mountains, or desert are not problems. In addition, we can use already existing stock 3D environments, with unlimited choice on stock websites; this is the preferable and fastest video creation, as we don’t need to spend time on environment creation. Just take existing, modify if needed, and use with your product. The same for models of people and animals; we use stock 3d models or ready videos. Simple and fast!


  • What is 3D product video?
    A 3D product video is a new type of video that showcases a product or service realistically and engagingly using 3D renderings (computer-generated graphics). This type of video is an excellent marketing tool as it can significantly enhance brand recognition and drive sales by providing potential customers with a clear understanding of the product.
  • How much does 3D video cost?
    Professional video prices start at $800 per 10 seconds of video and depend on product shapes and materials, complexity of movements, and visual effects.
  • How much time does it take to make 3D product video?
    From a few days up to a few weeks for one demo video, it depends on the product, motions, effects, etc.
  • What are some good examples of product videos?
    Examples of product demo videos and 3D product videos are on our portfolio page. Also, follow us on our YouTube channel
  • Where do most companies get their product 3D videos made?
    Most companies get their product demo videos from professional video production studios or freelance videographers. Video production studios specializing in creating high-quality video content for businesses can handle every aspect of video production, from storyboarding to filming and editing.

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