What is 3D rendering or what is 3D render?

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What is rendering and why it is so popular today?

Rendering or 3D rendering is the 3D computer graphics process of automatically converting 3D wire frame models into 2D images with 3D photorealistic effects or non-photorealistic rendering on a computer. So 3D render is a computer generated image (CGI) of some products or nature creatures. 3D renders can be realistic, cartoon style, tech style and more others. Realistic 3D renders used for different marketing purposes, they are very clean, sharp, bright and this very helps to promote different products on the market.

Another advantage of rendering in contrast to photo studios is that there are no limits of size (you can get a picture of an item as large as an airplane, for example) and shape (you can create and render models of any shape you can imagine). That means that you even don’t need to have a real product to create photos (or videos) of it (which is impossible if you want to use a photo studio service)!

Suppose you need to take photos of the same product with different color variations (e.g., a smartphone case which available in white, red, or blue colors). A photographer will take images of (and enhance) as many products as color variations you need. In case with 3D rendering, it is enough to create only one 3D model of your product, position it as needed, and just apply different colors, textures, and even materials to it. And the main advantage of rendering is its PRICE. Say you are developing a new product and you want to take a picture of it (to show it to the potential investors). To do this in a photo studio, first of all, you will have your product to be made. That means that there will be additional expenses (besides the price of the photographer’s services): you will have to pay for the materials (metal, plastics, composite, etc.) your product is made of, for processing (machining, molding, finishing, etc.) and assembling of the parts of your product, and for equipment (for example, molded or forged parts need unique molds and dies).

So save your time, efforts and money and use 3D rendering service!

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